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Tally Bowman

Welcome to Mrs. Bowman’s classroom!!

The 6th and 7th graders will be competing in a Science Showcase Tuesday May 22nd at 6pm in the Elementary Building. Please come out and support their hard work!

The 5th and 8th graders went to Quanah for a Science STAAR Bootcamp day. The 5th graders went Monday April 30th and got a special visit from the Turtle Man who allowed them to pet his animals.

Turtle Man The 5th graders loved it!

5th graders after science bootcamp. Thank you 3RF

The 8th graders went Tuesday May 1st. They got to create their own roller coasters.

8th graders building roller coasters They had fun

8th graders after science bootcamp

The Science STAAR Test is May 16th!

Crowell FFA will be having a Plant Sale Monday April 30th, Tuesday May 1st, and Wednesday May 2nd from 3:30pm to 6pm each afternoon as plants last! Please come support the hard work of these students. 

Petunias growing in the greenhouseVincas/Periwinkles

The 4th and 5th graders did an Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt around the Elementary School building the Thursday before Easter. There were paper easter eggs taped to the walls with questions on the back, they answered the question at each egg, then moved on to find the next one. The 6th graders also did an Easter Egg Hunt in the classroom answering questions about volcanoes. 


The 6th graders completing their Easter Egg Hunt having to do with volcanoes.

The 6th graders completing their Easter Egg Hunt about Volcanoes.

Daniel Rodriguez answering a question about moon phases.

Daniel Rodriguez answering a question about moon phases.

Rachel Rowland

Rachel Rowland on her class Easter Egg Hunt.

Keegan Hayes

Keegan Hayes, 4th grader, completing a question about seasons. 

Tally Bowman

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