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EpiPen 4 Schools Anaphylaxis Training Video


Bloodborne Pathogen Required Training for all School Personnel

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Bloodborne Pathogens Slide Show

Bloodborne Pathogens Post-Test


Measles information:


Handwashing Tips:


Hepatitis B:


Hepatitis C:





 Asthma Action Plans are required for all students with the diagnosis of asthma.  Children will only be allowed to self-carry their medication with a Doctor note with specific instructions and a properly labeled device from a pharmacy. 

If your child has a diagnosis of Epilepsy, please print and fill out the Epilepsy action plan.  One will also be sent home once the nurse is notified that your child has this diagnosis on the health intake plan.

The same is true if your child has a food allergy or is at risk for anaphylaxis.

The school nurse will send an asthma action plan home once she is alerted that your have listed that as a dianosis on the health intake form.  You may also download the form on this site.  The form must be filled out by your physician and returned to the school.  You may fax the form, send it with your child, or bring it to the school as soon as possible.  Please make every effort to complete this in as timely a manner as possible.  It is very important for your child to have the proper action plan(s) on file.


Epilepsy Action Plan


Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Action Plan


Anaphylaxis Action Plan


Helpful Websites:




Epilepsy Foundation


Asthma Information for Parents




Here is the link:  Immunization Requirement for School Attendance

College Vaccine Requirements

If you have any questions, please contact the school nurse.

You can reach her by email, or by calling your child's school.  If she is at another campus or school district, please leave a message and she will return your call asap.

Also, please inquire about ImmTrac at your next healthcare visit.  ImmTrac is a very useful resource and will keep record of your child's immunizations.  Adults may now use the service as well.  This is very handy especially for use in employment and college entrance and requirements.  Here is a link to forms that will assist you in becoming a member of ImmTrac, both child and adult:


Flu:  A Guide for Parents

Key Facts about Influenza/Flu

Preventing the Flu:  Good Health Habits Can Help Stop Germs

Everyday Preventive Actions to Prevent the Flu

Elmo hand washing video for website.


Hand washing Video:

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